ThThe nobodys
They dream of buying a dog with fleas
Nobody with the dream and leave poor,
that some magical day rain,
suddenly the good luck,
rain pitchers to the good fortune;
but good luck does not rain,
yesterday or today, nor tomorrow, nor ever, or drizzle falls from the sky good luck,
however much that nobody call
and although they pique his left hand,
or lifting with the right foot,
changing or beginning of the year broom.
The nobodys:
the children of anyone, the owners of nothing.
The nobodys:
the no, none,
running the hare, dying life,
screwed, very screwed.
That is not, though.
Do not speak languages only dialects.
That does not profess religion, only superstition.
That does not make art, only craftsmanship.
Not practicing culture, only folklore.
That they are not human beings, only human resources.
To have no face, only arms.
To have no name, only numbers.
Not listed in world history,
only in the chronic red the local press.
The nobodys,
that cost less than the bullet that kills.

Eduardo Galeano